We believe it is our duty to inform and educate you as best we can so that you have the tools for personal growth and empowerment on your journey.

In addition to an emphasis on education and empowerment, it’s important to know our 3 core values. These core values provide a foundation for all aspects of our program.

  • We don’t treat disease, we co-create health – Often the focus on individual diseases or syndromes only puts people into a box. Of course, it’s important to be aware of any diagnosed health issues a person may have, but our goal is to identify and remove factors that may be damaging your health, as well as help address what you can to improve health (diet, lifestyle, etc).
  • Healing starts in the gut – The digestive system is responsible for bringing in food and water, breaking it down, absorbing what it needs, and eliminating what it doesn’t need along with byproducts (toxins) of metabolism. If the gut is not working well, there is an imbalance of the gut flora, or there are unwanted microbes present, it will be a burden on the body and truly optimal health will be nearly impossible.
  • The patient (you!) does the healing – We will help you identify your “blind spots” or issues that you may not realize are affecting your health. We will provide education and support so that you know WHAT needs to change and HOW to change it. At the end of the day, you are the driver of this vehicle. It is up to you to follow your appointment schedule, implement the advice, and put in the hard work that needs to be done to accomplish your goals. We promise the hard work is worth it! If you’re simply looking for recommendations on what herb to take for a particular health problem, then this program is not for you.