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"Best around! I had a fantastic session with Dr Mark last week! After being out of work for months due to complications from back surgery I started physical therapy and recently returned to work. I was stiff and no matter how I stretched I couldn’t get relief. That changed on my last visit to Haverhill Family Chiropractors. Dr. Mark adjusted my neck, upper and lower back, and The result was I felt euphoric relief that lasted two days. I hadn’t felt that good since before my operation. Thank you!"

- S.R.

"Kindness and Skills. I usually call when something is going wrong with my body. Dr. Mark is flexible, and seems to always have time to help (thank you for your compassion). Then he seems to pinpoint what my problem is, and educates on what his analysis is, once he warned me this is going to hurt, but you will have complete mobility again, that is exactly what happened after he aligned my neck. Thank you for all you do for me, I appreciate his kindness, and skills."

- G.P.

"Great Help! I have never been to a chiropractor before but this will definitely have me returning! He was very understanding listening and talking through what he was doing the entire time!"

- Meghan M.

"Outstanding! My first Visit was a few days ago. DR Mark was amazing. He is very down too earth and he is so easy too talk too . Dr Mark too the time too understand my concerns on what was going on. I could tell right away that he cares about his patients and wants Tom help them in the best way possible. Looking forward too my next visit with Dr Mark . I would recommend this office."

- Virginia R.

"Helpful. My first visit ever to a chiropractor and Dr. Mark made me feel comfortable. I was little nervous and he listen to everything I had to say and suggested some things. I look forward to working with Dr. Mark."

- Lori S.

"This veteran is very appreciative! Dr. always makes himself available to accommodate my schedule. He works with Veterans, and has a great personality. He’s a caring Chiropractic Dr and is there to address any concerns you have."

- Elizabeth T.

"Dr Mark is very personable and always accommodating to my needs. Over the years he has helped me manage my back issues (bulging disks and hip problems). I would highly recommend him. Also, a shout out for my massage therapist - Larry. He has helped manage my soreness and given me some good hints with stretching and my swimming activities."

- Howie Zidel

"Amazing! Can’t say enough about this place. Mark is amazing, not only does he work wonders! He’s personable, caring and all around a great person. I have extreme back and neck problems and I walk out of the office with full confidence I’m fixed :). Thanks for the great job and overall staff is friendly."

- Nicole M.

"1st visit was great. My 11 yr old daughter had a minor back injury due to a fall. Dr. Mark made an appointment for her on short notice and took a look at the injured area. My daughter was very comfortable with the exam and treatment. I felt like we were given good explanation of the procedure."

- Parent of Chloe Lawson

"Very comfortable environment! Explained every step of the way and I walked out feeling better. Called and got an appointment the same day!"

- N.H.

"Excellent. Knowledgable, friendly, helpful, flexible with scheduling, great with kids, supportive, encouraging, cant say enough."

- Patient Zero

"VERY CARING AND KNOWLEGDABLE. Dr. Mark Lique is amazing and very personable. He has worked with me through car accidents, and work related injuries. I would recommend him highly. Try him you will be pleased."

- Phillip Kuhn

"Have disc problems, and stenosis Dr Mark is a life savior I have chronic pain so without Dr Mark when my back gets bad I would not be able to walk."

- Marion Emery

"As always, Dr. Lique relieves any neck pain or back issues usually in one session. I try to visit the office every 4 to 6 weeks, sometimes more frequently during golf season."

- Anthony Loiacono

"Doctor mark does great work. had an adjustment yesterday, feel great today. i recommend haverhill family chiropractic highly."

- Joseph Villanucci

"Years of pain gone with one treatment. Dr. Lique relieved my chronic lower back pain after the first session. Apparently my tail bone tends to twist a tiny bit. I visit the office every 6 weeks or so and have been pain free for more than a year."

- Joseph Ahern

"Top notch service. Highly recommended! I’ve been a patient for several years and can’t say enough good things about Dr Mark and his practice. He takes the time to listen to you, has the right tools and techniques to help you, and is easy to work with. Which, if you’re like me is important, because when I’m in pain I’m not the easiest person to work with. It’s for these reasons and more I recommend Haverhill Family Chiropractic without hesitation."

- Scott C. R.

"Great practice. Friendly, accommodating and professional. The best chiropractor I’ve ever dealt with and I have recommended him to friends, family, fellow hikers and people at my gym."

- Kevin Munoz

"Great patient service! Our whole family has being going to Haverhill family chiropractic for awhile now and we love the experience we’ve had!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are great with our two young children and us."

- Ashley K.

"For a cracking good time, Dr. Mark Lique is fantastic. I had a long term chiropractor who just couldn’t adjust me enough to rid me of my neck, head, and back pain. After one adjustment with Dr. Mark, I could feel the difference. After a few visits, my pain lessened significantly. Now I just see him once a month for a “tune up”. His adjustment methods are newer and much more effective. He’s also very friendly and easy to talk to."

- Lisa L.

"Everything was professional clean and organized. Exited to start adding this to my life as a different ways to treat my back pain."

- Xavier Vargas

"Amazing job. He got a lot of stress out of my body. I definitely recommend him to others, he's very kind and helpful. As well as very good at fixing your body. Thank you."

- Vanessa Bergeron

"The Best! Dr. Mark accommodates my hectic schedule. I've seen a bunch of different doctors and after years of terrible migraine headaches Dr. Mark finally got rid of them. Always can squeeze me into his schedule either the day of or the next day when I call. I've been seeing Dr. Mark for 1 and half to 2 years now. I have been migraine and pain free."

- Megan S.

"Awesome chiropractor. It was a great experience with Dr.Mark he made me feel so comfortable my first experience at a chiropractor . I would definitely recommend him."

- Leticia Torres

"Dr. Mark is professional. He has a great attitude and takes the time to explain what is happening with my muscles and provides information on how to decrease inflammation and pain with exercises."

- Darling Bonilla l.

"Awesome! Dr. Mark is the type of person that you wish all of your medical professionals can emulate. He's very patient oriented and takes the time to listen to your concerns. The online appointment tool that he employs is FANTASTIC! Given my work schedule I am seldom able to plan things ahead. Hence the online appointment booking system helped me book an appointment at the last minute on the same day. I would highly recommend Dr. Mark to anyone."

- B.P.

"Great care with my demanding schedule. Dr. Mark handles my demanding schedule with ease. His flexibility meets my needs when it comes to my work schedule. Over the past couple of weeks, we have found the root cause of my problems. Dr, Mark has been able to change the treatments according my body's reactions to the adjustments. His demeanor is great with super people skills. I would recommend him to my family, peers and colleagues."

- Christopher Hebb

"Great Experience. My first time going to HFC after dealing with chronic back pain for years, and I must say Dr. Mark is very friendly and has an excellent bedside manner!!! He truly cares on how you feel  I recommend Haverhill Family Chiropractic to Everyone."

- June F.

"Five stars. Wonderful practice! Would highly reccomend to anyone and wouldnt go anywhere else. I have been to quite a few chiropractors, and this one is hands down the best."

- Katelyne Sullivan

"Very pleased with the complete departure of severe pain, I was experiencing. The doctor's back adjustment and procedure were a success."

- Tony Loiacono

"Highly recommended. I have been a patient of Dr. Mark's since 2013. The adjustments kept me off bed rest during my first pregnancy. Helped me stabilize again in between. And now that I am pregnant again, I would not want to go anywhere else!"

- K. Espo

"Dr. Mark treats my entire family and we continue to be completely satisfied with Haverhill Family Chiropractic."

- A.C.

"The combination of Chiropractic adjustment and massage has been a tremendous help with maintaining good health! I so appreciate the good care I get from Haverhill Family Chiropractic thank you Dr Mark!!!!"

- Marlene Yeo

"My life has changed for the better since becoming a patient at Haverhill Family Chiropractic. Dr. Mark Lique is more than a Chiropractor. He is invested in each of his patient's complete wellness. His dedication to my care has been more consistent than my own at times! When I started under his care, I had succumbed to the fact that I would always wake up in pain. Now, almost 5 years later, I am strictly a maintenance adjustment patient and my back has been it's strongest in two decades!"

- Bronwyn C.

"This place is very relaxed when u walk in and throughout the session. mark is very nice and helpful with a flexible schedule. the appointments can be very short and i always feel much better walking out, physically. ive been goin for most of 2017 and seeing results. the cost is also low and is usually covered. thanks, hope u check it out."

- Miles Marrone

"Flexible and professional. Dr. Mark is amazing. I have a difficult schedule and need flexibility. He gives the best care always. Whether I call for an appointment or book the appointment online, I always get confirmations and reminders of the appointments. The visits are quick, painless and thorough. Dr. Mark will explain everything he sees and feels. He always is looking out for my best interests. I work in professional sports so his work effects my work. For any athlete or official in the Haverhill area, try him out."

- Christopher Hebb

"Very pleased. Dr Mark is very patient and professional. He has helped me quite a lot with some recurring issues with my legs."

- John M.

"I have only good things to say about Dr. Mark. I have been with him, as a patient, since he took over the practice of the former Chiropractor. He has a great personality and is very knowledgeable of each and every patients ailment history. He is a a credit to his profession."

- Anthony Loiacono

"Thank you!!! We are from OR, 1 wk into a 6 wk vacation. On Tues I began having some pain in the center of my back. On Wed it escalated to almost every movement. We were about to leave Haverhill and head to Portland Maine. I looked on my phone and read the nice reviews for Dr Lique. We drove straight to his office as a walk-in. He was able to see me, make the necessary adjusts & treatments. I was much better that evening, the next am even better and today feel good as new!! He even called to chk on me."

- Paula C.

"Dr. Mark has helped me treat my chronic vertigo. I am at a place where I have "episodes" only a few times a year. At my previous practice I was going every week, now I am down to one visit every 6 weeks!"

- E.V.

"So happy I chose Haverhill Family Chiropractic! After 20 years, I decided I needed desperately to go back to the chiropractor. I'm so happy I made that choice and I feel better after just one visit! Looking forward to continuing every week and getting my back healthy again!"

- Meghan D.

"Say goodbye to that pain in the neck. Friendly efficient....helped free me of neck pain Quickly transitioned to every other week and anticipating transitioning again to monthly maintenance."

"Excellent experience. Haverhill Family Chiropractic is one of the best experiences. They are very professional and really care about their patients. I can say that when I walk in I am in pain and I walk out feeling like a new."

- Darling Bonilla

"Personalized care. Dr Mark Lihue is very caring well knowledgeable chiropractor that is very focused on you. If you are hurting he works you in and is flexible to get you back adjusted. VERY PERSONABLE."

- Phillip Kuhn

"Excellent. Dr. Mark has been right on with his diagnosis and treatment. He was able to help me sort things out and to figure out what things I needed to do, and in what order so I could get my health back and out of pain. I am feeling better every day. Thank you you're the best."

- Patricia Anastasia

"Awesome service and always a great place to go! Happy, friendly and they truly know what they are doing."

- K.G.

"Perfect Place. They always try and fit me to be seen even if I call last minute. DR Mark is very personable and the visit is quick but efficient."

- Kevin Quijano

"Loved loved loved it here!!! Office is very nice and comfortable. Explained everything really well ,even felt better when I left."

- Shannon Anderson

"Wonderful care. Dr. Mark is skilled, kind, and engaging. I've had massages with two different therapists there and both were excellent, knowledgeable and gentle. Recommended!"

- Therese Baumberger

"Happy customer! I love Dr Mark...he is professional, personal and proficient. I always get an appointment when I need it and I am very happy with my adjustments results...I always leave better than when I came for an appointment! I highly recommend HFC!"

- Marlene Yeo

"Amazing. Im soooo happy that I chose come here. I really did not say much other than what happened and he just knew exactly what to do.I felt so much reflief after having an accident and going to Pro Ex where I feel they made it worse Mark got me back to normal. I will always choose and recommend this Haverhill Family Chiropractic."

- Michelee Geronimo

"A++. I have been going to mark for about 8 months now and I feel great. Very laid back and very good and what he does. I work in a kitchen 60 hours a week and It takes a toll on my body. Going to mark has been the best investment I have made in a very long time."

- Eric Mclaughlin

"Professional service. Always leave feeling like a new man. Dr. Mark puts the pro in Professional. Found out about family chiropractic about 2 years ago and have been going sense."

- Doug Burrill

"Fantastic! Always an enjoyable experience here! Dr. Mark gets you in and out and feeling much better! Not to mention he goes above and beyond. He was the one who discovered I had some food sensitivities that were keeping me from loosing weight! Highly recommend him to anyone looking :)"

- Meaghan S.

"Excellent. Doctor Mike is very knowledgeable kind and compassionate. His techniques are right on he does not do too much and what he does has relieved so much of my pain. I have been too many chiropractors throughout my 51 years and I have to say he's really one of the best. Thank you Dr. Mike! Also I would absolutely trust him with my children he is the perfect family chiropractor."

- Patti Anastasia

"Great Experience! Doctor Mark took time to answer all of my questions thru texting. Very friendly and knowledgeable, the treatment helped immediately. I would recommend Doctor Mark!!"

- D.T.

"I have been seeing Mark for quite a few years now. He is very professional and caring. He seems to always be available to accommodate my needs and has helped me overcome my chronic back and hip issues. I highly recommend him."

- Howie Zidel

"Hamstring adjustment and taping. hamstring has a small tear. Been trying to limp thru my triathlon training and big race around the corner. Dr Mark did some adjusting and then some taping ran today and felt much better. I am hoping with another treatment and taping before my race will give me some more relief."

- Amy Quinlan

"Best chiropractic experience I've ever had. My back and neck pain were so bad that I would often sit in my car and cry! I'd had several negative chiropractic experiences with other practitioners so I first went to HFC hesitantly and without high expectations. After just a couple visits, my severe pain began to subside! Additionally, Dr. Mark is personable and professional. HFC is a great practice and the results have been amazing!"

- R.F.

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