Heidi J. Keenan – Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer

Heidi is passionate about helping people create the balanced healthy life they desire. She empowers her clients to become their best through education, self-care, and mindset. Her clients gain more clarity around their goals and are empowered to take action toward those goals.

In her spare time, she enjoys working on personal development, nature and spending time with her husband in their empty nest chapter.

Larry Medolo – Massage Therapist

Larry Medolo is the lead therapist for Advantage Health Massage. He has been a muscular therapist since 1990. Along with his extensive experience in muscular therapy, he also had earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine in 2006 from Merrimack College.

His strength in muscular therapy is in the medical arena. Therapeutic muscular therapy is beneficial to those who have suffered injuries from autoaccidents to repetitive stresses at work to mishaps around the home. Injuryprevention and improved function for athletes from weekend warriors to world class marathoners, professional football players and olympians.

He also provides corporate chair massage services to boost morale and show your fellow employees that you care.

Stacy Gauthier – Massage Therapist

Stacy obtained her certification in Massage Therapy in 2007 from Everest Institute.

Stacy became a massage therapist because she loves knowing she has made a difference in helping her clients feel better. Stacy specializes in relieving tight muscles from every day use or injuries from overuse. She incorporates a relaxation massage in with myofascial release, deep tissue work, and trigger point therapy. Combining these different techniques makes for a very effective massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Stacy is an active volunteer at array of different sporting events, she is a member of AMBP and enjoys painting in her free time.