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How to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck


Working on computers and staring down at our smartphones for hours each day has leftover 20% of us experiencing neck pain over the past few months. A stiff neck is usually the result of postural issues that have tired the neck muscles over time. Weakened, or unbalanced, muscle strength can place additional stress on your spinal joints and lead to changes in how you move, extra pressure on your discs, and pain.


If you are looking down at your digital devices all day every day, the stress can add up and result in your neck not moving correctly. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before you wake up with a stiff neck or turn your head during the day and are greeted by an intense muscle discomfort or pain.

Here are our 3 smart tips for getting rid of that stiff neck:

  • Perform exercises each day to stretch and strengthen the muscles that support your neck.

  • Sleep on a supportive pillow to keep your head in a neutral position throughout the night.

  • Visit your chiropractor regularly for gentle adjustments to restore the proper motion of your neck and spine.


Remember, chiropractic care can lead to big changes in your quality of life. Haverhill Family Chiropractic is focused on helping you feel and move better through gentle adjustments and by providing you with the stretches and exercises you can do at home to keep improving. If neck pain is getting in the way of you enjoying your life, give us a call (978-521-2225) or book an appointment right online. Our team is here to help!


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