Over the years, we have studied and mastered a number of chiropractic techniques. We do this in order to provide optimum care for everyone, regardless of age and specific health needs. Please read the following pages to learn more about our most commonly used techniques.

If you have been exposed to a specific technique that you enjoy, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accomodate you.


The activator technique is one of the world’s most popular chiropractic approaches. It’s provided using the Activator Methods Adjusting Instrument, a hand-held spring-loaded instrument. This tool delivers a low-force and high-speed thrust, and it is beneficial for treatment of elbows, knees and other joints.


Ever heard of the Schumann Resonance? This refers to the background base frequency, or “heartbeat,” of our planet. In order to optimize healing, a rhythm must be established, and the Schumann Resonance has been found to be a healing frequency. We use the ArthroStim, a handheld device that delivers precise and low-force adjustments, and recreates this therapeutic rhythm. It’s been proven to be a highly effective method of treatment.

Cox Flexion-Distraction

This term refers to a gentle approach using a specialized table. The movements of the table help to traction the spine, open up compressed spinal discs and reduce pressure on the spine’s facet joints. It’s a technique that’s extremely effective, yet very gentle, and we utilize it for treatment of leg and lower back pain.


This adjustment technique, a high velocity and low amplitude thrust, is one of the most commonly used methods by chiropractors. It consists of a short, fast force that’s applied to specific joints in order to instill motion, stretch surrounding muscles and stimulate the nervous system. Once the spine or joint is adjusted and thrust into its proper position, tissue and fluids will be able to move freely within the joint, which eases pain. Extensive research studies have proven the safety and effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment.

Extremity Adjusting

So why do chiropractors adjust extremities? First, when we talk about an extremity, we mean the joints in the body, but not the joints in the spine. These include the knee, elbow, jaw, foot, toes, ankle, shoulder, wrist, hand, fingers, hip and shoulder.
Usually, chiropractors look to the spine for fixations, subluxations and joint improprieties. But these problems can also occur in the extremities, and can actually create issues with the spine as well. A few symptoms of fixations, subluxations and joint impropriety are:

  • Pain in the extremity or in joints
  • Fatigue in the extremities
  • Weakness in the extremities
  • “Catches” in the extremity joints
  • Stiffness/immobility in the extremity joints
  • Chronic back/cervical problems

Ultimately, the goal of extremity adjusting is to analyze and evaluate the extremity, establish an extremity treatment plan, and make sure it’s coordinated with a spinal treatment plan.

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